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Author: Wendy Altshuler

When the character of a boy lost in the forest presented itself to writer Wendy Altshuler, she was compelled to follow Christopher along his journey and deeper into the forest.  In fact, she was just as surprised as Christopher when he encountered an awakened tree!  The more she became immersed into the world of Evergreen, the more it snowed in our world--and snowed and snowed--until she was hunkered down in a blizzard, and the only thing to do was write.

Five books later, she is still writing about the characters and lands connected by magic, interdimensional doors.

Wendy Altshuler's credits include WGA-agent representation and a Master of Arts from Columbia University's Teachers College. She has won scriptwriting awards and has produced local arts programming, as well as theatre works based on the Evergreen series.‚Äč