Health Organization has called for a worldwide research agenda initiative for dialogue on the carcinogenic effects of electromagnetic field radiation. Conversely, an abundance of research supports that spending time in the negative ion charged environments found in nature significantly impacts our health and well-being.
 In alignment with UN Sustainable Development goals 15 and 3, Arborgate Media is making a toy and interactive kit that engages imagination and science skills while helping kids set limits on technology. The S2 comes with tools that empower parents and kids to manage their personal environments, become aware of the dangers of EMF radiation and reconnect to green spaces.  Why me?  I'm the author of a young adult book series.  My credits include a Master's in Art Education, WGA-accredited representation, Founder Institute Fellowship recipient, and I have a passion for this issue.


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Technology and electricity permeate our environments today, and studies show that excessive amounts may be detrimental to our physical and mental health. The World 

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