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Sir Two the Awakened Tree  Pixar Story XP Fall 2022 Exhibition-Watch the film now
The Prequel to the series!  In this 4"x6" Booklet we learn how it is that Sir Two woke up!
Find out what happens when you wake up in the forest and you are stuck in the ground - and how Sir Two got rescued. 

Nadia and the Wisewomen
In Book 6, Nadia will embark on new journeys and receive the counsel of nine Wisewomen.  She will be separated from Georgeonus, meet members of a High Council who watch over the lands, and undertake a challenging task.  Will she be able to face what she finds without the Great Heart? 

Adventures in Evergreen e-Boxed Set
The complete ebook series follows the adventures of Christopher, who meets an awakened tree; Tom, who accompanies Christopher on two more adventures; and Nadia, who goes in search of her memory and missing heart. Lands interconnected by magical doors begin to reveal the secrets of an ancient evil taking hold. Compared to Narnia and A Wrinkle in Time

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