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The Rescue of Georgeonus

In Book III, Christopher and Tom set out with two trees to see if they can help Georgeonus, the true heir of the Land of Silence. They travel to a land almost entirely covered in water to uncover the hidden secrets of a mysterious, evil Voice. But once there, Tom’s life is at risk, and things don’t go at all as planned. Can Georgeonus help them, before it’s too late?

"An emotionally moving, uplifting, and wholesome fable. " - Midwest Book Review

Return to Evergreen

in Book II, Christopher and his friend Tom return to find that some of the lands are not very friendly. The elves of Evergreen have been kidnapped through a magic door into a land of no sound, and in setting off to rescue them they discover a place more dangerous than they had imagined. Will music help them?

"From my perspective as a veteran elementary school teacher, I predict that kids will like the

wacky conversations and situations in this book. Try this book on a fourth or fifth-grader

with a sense of humor and a good vocabulary."  - Jean Marchand,  


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Christopher's Adventures in Evergreen

Lost deep in the forest after straying from a family picnic, a boy from post-World War II England befriends an awakened tree from another dimension, and together they must unearth ancient truths to end the war of the trees.

"An amazing tale of adventure, suspense and the power of belief! ...A superb standalone story

that is also a fine first book of a brilliant series.  5 Stars." - N. N. Light's Book Haven