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Nadia's Heart, Part One
When an amnesiac girl who suspects her heart is missing utters a prayer, she is met by a mysterious angelic stranger from her forgotten past. Together they embark on a journey to recover her heart, and learn of an evil that will put even more hearts in danger.

"If you love A Wrinkle in Time or The Chronicles of Narnia, I believe you'll love Nadia's Heart."
- N.N. Light

"I would imagine fans could easily be caught up in this intricate world and keep coming back for more."
- Wendy Unsworth, Author of 'The Palaver Tree'

"Altshuler has created appealing and sympathetic characters to weave a spirited and haunting tale with much symbolism and beauty." - Amazon Reviewer

Nadia's Heart, Part Two
In Nadia's Heart, Part One, amnesiac Nadia knew that something was wrong, so she went in search of her missing heart. What she encountered has only brought more questions: about her origins and her ties to the people of the Land of Silence. She learned that her heart was indeed removed, and that her memory was erased by an evil Voice. But why? Now Nadia and her glowing-eyed companion, Georgeonus, must help recover the stolen hearts of the children of the Land of Silence. In Part Two, they will do battle against an evil Voice and travel to frightening places. They receive help from a powerful Witch and Wizard, and Nadia gets her heart back—but it's not at all what she expected. Can they rescue the stolen hearts in time?

"If you are looking for an adventure story that will get kids off social media scanning and actually using their minds to read...this is the book! Five stars.  - N. N. Light's Book Haven

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